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The Royex rock breaking system is designed to break rock where conventional explosives are either prohibited by regulation or unsuitable for the task. Royex offers a simple, safe and efficient option for blasters, miners and civil engineers alike, where the impact of ground vibration, noise, dust and fly-rock control inhibit the use of traditional blasting methods. The Royex Generation II System is the world’s first propellant based rock breaking system to be aligned with a sequential delay-timed initiation system, the Maxfire Igniter. Today, no other propellant system can offer the versatility and functionality of the Royex Generation II System.

The system introduces the following unique features:

  • The first 1.4S timing system for propellant cartridges. No other system offers the individual in-hole Maxfire timing exclusive to the Royex System.
  • The Royex Maxfire Initiator provides unmatched initiation performance.
  • The consistent sizing and density of Propellant Powder and Ammonium Nitrate offers intimate mixture and increased power, oxygen balance and reliability.
  • The Royex Generation II System is CE certified and is manufactured to ISO standards of Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental excellence.


The mechanics of the Royex cartridge are fundamentally different to conventional explosives. The product does not detonate and therefore does not generate any shock waves through the rock, allowing the rock to break naturally without stress. This smoother effect provides minimal crush zones and reduced vibrations resulting in an effect that can be employed to assure wall control, reduced dilution, dust control and general safety.


The Royex Generation II system propellant mixture is finely oxygen balanced and generates negligible dangerous gases when initiated. Combined with conventional tunnelling or mining ventilation, CO levels are below 5 ppm within a few minutes of blasting. These characteristics in partnership with the sequential timing offered by our unique initiation system provide the ability to achieve continuous operations in mining and tunnelling applications. By comparison to conventional explosives, overall cost savings have been proven in mining and quarrying applications with the use of Royex systems. Improved safety, less stringent storage requirements, better fragmentation control and improved operational flows all contribute to overall cost reductions.

The Royex System is 1.4S classified allowing the product to be transported and stored as a low explosive. Product sent to international destinations by air freight can generally be delivered within two weeks. In Europe and many other regions, the Royex system is classed as a pyrotechnic, (P2 class in the EU) which implies no necessity for its user to hold a conventional blasting licence. The P2 classification does not fall under the track and trace directive so restrictions associated with track and trace are avoided. The product does not function effectively unless placed in a drill hole, or confined, and as such is very safe to handle and store.

Note that all information and content on this website is subject to local law, permits and certifications. Product variations may apply. For availability and regulatory constraints, please read our website disclaimer or contact us for advice.

Advantages of Royex rock breaking technology

Pre-defined sequentially timed blasting patterns are possible via shock tube or electric initiators

The Modular initiation system allows for customized timings and loading patterns

Continuous blasting is possible

Good fragmentation control

Greatly increased operational and handling safety

No explosives are present at work site

Transportation, storage and general logistical control minimised by the product’s 1.4S rating

Air shipping allows for faster deliveries and relaxes stock requirements
n EU, P2 classified product, no track and trace management required

Proven reduced dilution in gold, platinum and diamond mining

Continuous mining possibilitie

Oxygen balanced – no noxious gases, rapid re-entry

Slyping and secondary blasting operations can take place during shift

Viable alternative for secondary blasting in block caving

No crush zone around holes after blasting, thereby reducing fines and dust while improving recovery rates

Improves hanging wall conditions thereby improving safety

No throw leads to easier and quicker cleaning, less damage to support, no need for blasting barricades in narrow reef mining operations

Continuous mining possibilities. Optional configurations using the timing initiation system allow for multiple decking
Extended pit boundaries due to no vibration, no fly rock and less dust during blasting operations – prolonged pit lifetime
Reduced fly rock
High precision breaking for dimensional quarries, less wire sawing or downstream cutting
Reduced safety distances for machinery and personnel
No track and trace required
Complete 1.4S solution – less demanding storage, transport and product

1.4S timing solution and smoother breaking allows for greatly reduced vibration levels and precision blasting close to infrastructure

Low compromise on traditional drilling patterns

Timing and simplified design of shock tube connection speeds up preparation of blast

Less fly rock – significantly lower risk for damage




Through our new Maxfire igniter series, we can now offer the world’s most powerful RBC igniter with timing capability designed for optimal initiation of the Royex Gen 2 propellant mix.


Fully oxygen balanced and with a density close to one, the Royex Gen 2 propellant mix brings more power than ever seen in a rock breaking cartridge.


To ensure maximum flexibility, the cartridge has been separated from the igniter. The operator can choose from a range of cartridge sizes and range of igniter configurations including pyrotechnical timing.


Through Methodical development and exhaustive trials, we have been able to prove the cost savings and value addition when switching from conventional explosives to Royex in relevant applications.


Are you an established retailer or distributor in the construction industry? Do you have experience and a established distribution network? Are you looking for new investment opportunities? Then Royex might be for you.